Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Chocolate and Fabric" Stain Removal For An Unfortunate White Shirt Accident

Chocolate has been an enemy of mine for years. Having a toddler who can't seem to eat any kind of chocolate without spilling it on her, has reaffirmed my frustration with chocolate. I let my husband know that under no terms was our little girl to have chocolate while she had clothes on ever again. Or at least until I found the secret to chocolate stain removal from fabric. Well guess what? I found it. It is very simple!

For cotton, linen, olefin, nylon, ramie, acrylic, polyester fabric:

Flush with club soda!
For tough stains: Sponge with liquid hand soap and ammonia and then throw it in the washer.

For wool, silk, acetate, suede, leather, rayon fabric:

Blot or scrape excess off of fabric.
Flush with club soda.
Apply dry-cleaning solvent.

For furniture and carpet:

Apply solution of dish washing liquid and hot water to the area.
Wipe stain with suds.

So add a bottle of club soda to the cabinet in your laundry room if you intend on eating chocolate and indulge knowing your white shirt can be cleaned if an unfortunate accident were to occur.

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