Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ripped off by auto mechanics

It's amazing to me that age old practice of auto mechanics ripping women off is still in practice. My husband works very hard to be able to keep me home with our children. So things like getting an exhaust pipe installed on our van, quite often become my responsibility. He had the time to call around last night to get prices. Pretty much everyone told him the same thing. So this morning I decided to call and make an appointment. I called the closest location to my house. Some how the price had jumped. So I called the next place. It also had went up. Wow, I can't believe the rate of inflation over night or was it the tone of my voice that made the difference. These were well known businesses. Midas, Meneike, and Master Muffler. I decided to call some other places that were not so well known. I found a great place, Main Street Muffler, located in Salt Lake City, UT. They were priced even better than the others original price. I guess it pays to shop around. I would also recommend having someone of the male gender call the same places and ask for prices to make sure that the price is the same for everyone. It's worth your time. It saved me up to $60.

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