Monday, January 26, 2009

"The Best Housing Economy in History" Tax Lien Investing Properties!

There has never been a better time in history for tax lien investing, ask anybody that's doing it!

This economy has made getting a from a house from your Tax lien investment much easier, folks just aren't paying their taxes and the banks are SO heavy in foreclosure inventory that it financially behooves them to write off the note and let the property go!

During a good economy, you can expect to get about a 90% redemption rate from the home owner. This means 9 out of 10 people pay their taxes before you, the tax lien holder, gains ownership of the house.

In this instance you get your investment plus interest back, pretty wonderful worst case scenario, right?

Now fast forward to 2008!

The housing crunch has dropped the redemption rate in many markets to as low as 50%.

This is any amazing turn for Tax Lien investors, we now have a VERY good chance of getting half of the houses we get Tax Liens for. WOW!!!

Back before the current housing crash, I would shop for the highest interest rate assuming that I would only get one to three houses for every ten liens I bought.

Huge governmentally secured interest rates and a few house seemed like the smartest thing I could do with my grew fast!

But now...oh my gosh...houses are coming to me left and right!

Not only am I still getting my huge interest rates, but now a ton of my liens are "magically" becoming houses.

Just one quick example, I bought 6 Tax Liens in the last auction in Indiana (I love Indiana because they have a 4 month...YES 4 MONTH redemption period)it's looking good for me to get at least half of them.

That means 50% of my Tax Liens will become houses that I own free and clear for less than $2000 each.

No matter how bad the market is I bet I can find a buyer for a house that I can make a profit on by selling it for $1 more than $2000!

Best of all, if my buyer gives me a $2000 down payment on a house that I bought for $2000, I'm in a pure profit situation!!!

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