Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Clean Non-Stick Pans" Save Your Burnt On And Ruined Forever Pan

In this day and age, we have busy lives. Multi-tasking is a talent most of us are forever trying to master. Cooking dinner, doing the laundry and trying to catch up on the latest episode of our favorite T.V. show. When you fail to succeed at doing this, it means a ruined dinner and the chore of cleaning a burnt on messin your new set of pans. Have you tried everything or do you not know where to start.

Let me tell you, there is no such thing as non-stick. They might help, but you can always find something that will stick if it's burned on long enough. Here is a great trick that might save you time and money when this happens to you.

Take an orange and peel the rind off. Place it in a pan with enough water to cover the burnt part. Let it boil for 30 minutes. Let it sit over night and like magic it will come off.

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